Rent Payment Software
Rent Payment Software Rent Payment Software

The Most Effective All-In-One Tenant Management System.

Our software application designed to facilitate the management of tenants and their associated information within a property. This system is commonly used by property managers, landlords, and real estate professionals to streamline various aspects of tenant-related tasks and property management processes. TMS platforms provide a centralized hub where users can access and manage tenant information, lease agreements, rent payments, maintenance requests, and more.

Over 15 years working in IT services developing pos software for food and beverage hospitality.
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Tenant Management System
Tenant Management System

The required sales data should be gathered and reported.

Emall is a useful and effective tool that enables you to gather and report on the necessary sales data for landlords wishing to rent space using a percentage turnover model. Our main goal is to simplify your life as much as we can. You may protect your valuable rental space by receiving additional information such as 'end of lease' warnings.

Synoweb Software solutions are being used by over 1000 organizations in India.
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Tenant Management System
Tenant Management System
Rent Collection Software
Rent Collection Software
Rent Collection Software

Renters can report daily sales data in an easy fashion that is reliable.

The daily sales from your retail and food and beverage locations must be submitted. A quick and simple solution to achieve this is offered by our TMS. Depending on whether they are a permanent lease or just a pop-up store, there is success tracking and a variety of submission options to select from. A broad range of POS hardware from third parties is supported thanks to the way our architecture has been developed, which eliminates the need for additional cabling. As we take care of your renters and data, you may cut down on your support expenditures. No upkeep expenses. No need for on-site IT personnel.

You now only have to review the sales information for your tenant.
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Key features and functionalities typically found in a Tenant Management System may include:

Tenant Information Management
Lease Management
Rent Collection
Maintenance Requests
Document Management
Reporting and Analytics
Tenant Portals

Security and Privacy
DG Reading System
Electricity Reading System

TMS platforms come in various forms, including standalone software, cloud-based solutions, and even mobile apps, catering to the diverse needs of property management professionals. The goal of a TMS is to enhance efficiency, reduce manual paperwork, improve communication, and ultimately provide a better experience for both property managers and tenants in the management of rental properties.