Financial Accounting System For Your Company

Financial accounting software enables you to manage your day-to-day cash flow, completed transactions, and taxes related to these accounting activities, regardless of whether your organization is in the retail, restaurant, distribution, construction, logistics, or service sectors. Utilize thorough financial reports of your company to make insight-driven decisions by implementing financial accounting POS software.

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Why Synoweb's Financial Accounting POS Software?

  • Synoweb POS and CRM Software are integrated with an accounting module called SYNOPOS. As a result, time saved, double work is avoided and all generated invoices and ledgers are instantly visible in the SYNOPOS.
  • Vouchers are prepared quickly by the accounting software and many transactions are carried out effortlessly.
  • SYNOPOS is helpful for all types of business, whether small, big or multi chain.
  • Just one click is required to export ready GST, TDS, TCS reports etc. with automatic tax calculations.
  • SYNOPOS mobile app has dashboard that instantly balances accounting ratios, cash position and cash flow, accounts receivable, key performance indicators, payables, financial statements.
  • The approval voucher allows for instant approval of transactions using the SYNOPOS mobile app at any time.

Advantages of Financial Accounting POS System

Multiple Companies

Single financial accounting system manages various accounts of several companies.

Smart Decisions

The user makes a wise choice by useful reports of transactions done in the software.

Audit Ready

Frauds can be prevented by locking and processing the ledgers in the accounting system after any periodic audit.

Banking Simplified

Predefined standards make it easier to record financial transactions.

Purchase and Sales

With or without inventory management purchased and sells items.

Track Banking Activities

Keep track of every banking activity by recording it in the accounting system.

Control Actions

The capacity for taking control and make decisions about who needs to take action and when.

Effortless Vouchers

Tax preparation is made easier by automatically computing the tax due and delivering the information in the required format for direct filing.

Tax Automation

Being able to quickly generate and analyze several types of vouchers, including payments, receipts, contracts, diaries, and debit and credit notes.

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