Paperless menus with QR codes
Paperless menus with QR codes

Hospital Information is application software that healthcare organizations employ to streamline their administrative, financial, and clinical procedures. It helps hospitals' departments work together seamlessly and more successfully by enabling paperless operations across all of their divisions. It allows Doctors, Management, and other authorized users to share data and streamline procedures across an organization. Key stakeholders may now access information from any location at any time using any device, including tablets and smartphones, thanks to the flexibility of HIS, which can be hosted on both the hospital server and the cloud.

To automate every hospital department, including patient management, billing, lab, nursing, OT, stores, pharmacy, radiology, diet, etc., and HIS is often broken down into many suits or modules.

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The Following Are Some Ways That HIS Helps Hospitals:

  • Improves the safety and care of patients.
  • Boosts productivity and profitability overall.
  • Stop thefts of sales, among other things.
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It has a track record of helping healthcare providers and was created by specialists in the healthcare and insurance industries, skilled medical professionals, certifying bodies, management, financial advisors, and healthcare process professionals to maximize benefits for providers.
It serves information management, resource optimization, and improved patient care delivery support to healthcare organizations like hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and medical colleges, producing quantifiable financial value. For doctors, management, CXOs, and administrators using business intelligence, it syncs hospital information with complete decision-support tools and KPIs in real-time.
The use of tools like telemedicine, teleradiology, electronic medical records (EMR), computer-based decision support tools, hospital information systems [HIS], and community health information networks as some of the new methods of providing health information to consumers is anticipated to increase in the upcoming years.

A Hospital Management System With A More Performance-Based Intelligent Approach

A number of aspects of the Synoweb hospital information system are essential to the overall success of hospital management. Due to the fact that hospital management operations employ hospital billing software to make a number of crucial decisions in the most efficient and timely manner feasible. A good hospital information system should include records of laboratory management, electronic medical records management (EMR), inventory management, and billing information. The hospital information system at Synoweb, on the other hand, frequently looks over the records of patient payment information.

Hospital Information System Features

  • A complete, integrated solution that is advanced and innovative.
  • It's simple to learn and use.
  • The most recent gadgets (tablet, smartphone, and ipad) are compatible with this cloud-ready, browser-based solution.
  • Faster record retrieval and hospital brand building are made possible by smart cards and barcodes.
  • Use the SQL Business Intelligence Report Tool interface.
  • Dashboards that are specifically tailored for management, consultants, CXOs, patients, and end users.
  • Users of the program and patients can communicate effectively and without using paper by sending and receiving messages through the users’ mail option.
  • WhatsApp & SMS Integration (Additional Services to be purchased by Client).
  • Automatically keep track of and review any posting errors that are identified during document processing for online error rectification. Online using the Audit & Trial Module, show the user the last time the data was modified.
  • Through highly integrated and educational modules, make it easier for people throughout the organization to obtain information.
Numerous advantages for hospital information systems are provided by the Synoweb hospital information management system. In order to help different healthcare companies enhance their entire healthcare management, Synoweb has been providing HIS hospital software to clients for more than ten years. Hospital information systems have a number of benefits, including enhanced cost control, improved patient care quality, and improved information and care accuracy. Therefore, there is no doubt that the Synoweb hospital information management system may aid in improving the way you manage your healthcare.

The Advantages Of Hospital Information Systems

User-friendly system with a browser-based menu system.

Saving time and money on capital thanks to device, platform, and OS independence.

Use any device to access information at any time and from anywhere.

Both on-premises and cloud hosting are accessible.

Compatibility with Newest Gadgets (Tablet, Smartphone, iPad), Browser-Based Solution, and Cloud-Ready.

To improve revenue capture, increase patient throughput and decrease missed costs.

By recognizing the organization's strengths and weaknesses through potent KPIs, business intelligence (BI), which is powered by an in-built BI tool, increases productivity and profitability.

Management, consultants, CXOs, patients, and end users can all access personalized dashboards.

Hospital Modules

  • Billing And Invoice Management
  • MRD & MIS Reports
  • Accounts
  • Management Masters
  • Administrative Management
  • Helpdesk
  • Managing Medical Insurance

System for Hospital Information (HIS)

To organize medical data, Synoweb developed a hospital information system. In addition to helping medical organizations make better decisions, our hospital information system saves and manages patients' electronic medical records. With the aid of our hospital billing software, you can effectively handle, record, and produce an invoice for patient services. The hospital information system streamlines the management of patient data and facility health activity. Our hospital's information system, Synoweb, has been improved to provide managers with timely and reliable patient data.