Comprehensive HR Management Suite

Streamline your entire employee journey within a single integrated platform.

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Payroll Management

Accurate and Regulatory-Compliant Payroll Processing, Guaranteed.

  • Say goodbye to delays! Experience automatic salary processing
  • Receive Salary Reconciliation Reports directly in your inbox
  • Effortlessly distribute salary slips to employees with just one click
  • Payroll management software hosted in the cloud.
  • Secure pay slips with password protection.
  • Automated payroll scheduling.
  • Total Compensation Calculator
  • Challans using government-mandated formats.
HR and Payroll softwareExpenses

Track employee expenses in real-time.

  • Automatically reconcile advance payouts with all reimbursements.
  • Easily update expenses on the go, providing convenience to employees.
  • Customize expense-related policies to align with your organization's requirements.
  • Simplified fraud management for expenses using expense management software.
  • Multiple Expense Guidelines
  • Advance and Special Payouts
  • Risk Management
  • Mobile App for Expense Uploads
Payroll management softwareCore HR

Gain the flexibility to customize the software to your preferences.

  • Effortlessly set policies at departmental, business unit, and company-wide levels.
  • Tailor workflows for all HR processes, without regard to organizational hierarchy
  • Guarantee data privacy through access rights management across three levels
  • Generate and upload HR policies in the HR handbook.
  • Universal Search
  • Staff Directory
  • Tailored Workflows
  • Three-Tier Authorization
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Time & Attendance

Achieve real-time attendance tracking and ensure 100% policy compliance.

  • Automatically calculate paydays
  • Pre-schedule monthly attendance processing
  • Implement GPS-based attendance tracking for on-site employees
  • Employ an end-to-end attendance management system
  • Location-Based Attendance
  • Fingerprint Recognition Integration
  • Mass Leave Approval
  • Shift Rotation Guidelines
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Employee Engagement

Elevate employee spirits through immediate recognition and reward points.

  • Gain insights into employees' sentiments through tailored surveys
  • Foster a culture of appreciation with virtual badges
  • Establish regular colleague recognition through reward points
  • Enhance employee retention with employee engagement software
  • Employee Handbook
  • Human Resources Notifications
  • Emotional Well-being Assistant
  • Achievement Badges and Reward Points
HR payroll services Workforce

Oversee the employee life cycle from recruitment to Full and Final (F&F) settlement.

  • Automated initiation of tasks like employee confirmation and letter generation.
  • Effortless one-click F&F settlement to streamline offboarding procedures.
  • Assign task owners based on predefined life cycle dates.
  • Optimize task management with workforce management software.
  • Electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) for Employees, including New Hires
  • Staff Mobility Dashboard
  • Human Resources Operations for Enhanced Process Efficiency
  • Generate Letters from Custom Templates
HR and payroll services HR Help desk

Efficient Ticketing System for Effective Task Management

  • Enhanced Ticket Response Time and Quality
  • Generate an Unlimited Number of Ticket Categories
  • Rate Agents for Performance Assessment
  • Gain Insights into a 12-Month Trend Using the Helpdesk Module
  • Engage in a Conversation with the Resolver
  • Notification for Open and Closed Tickets
  • Escalation Protocol
  • Automated Ticket Assignment

Embrace Full Mobility!

Transition into a MobileFirst Organization. Empower your HR teams and employees with the limitless capabilities of our mobile web applications! Enjoy speed, efficiency, and convenience as your employees gain instant access to information while on the move, staying up-to-date effortlessly.

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