Customers go Card-less
To maximize convenience and reward, all loyalty program information is stored on phones.
Reward Adaptability
Our designed program meet the specific needs of your business. Create different prizes, requirements to receive rewards, and reward systems if that is what your business requires.
Tracking Information
Create and modify a program that actually encourages customers to continue making purchases from you, loyalty program software collects and aggregates data on customer behavior.
Advertising automation
Delivery of rewards can be automated once they are earned to save time and hassle in performing routine tasks.


Saving Money

No gift cards are in your hands at this time. You save an average of 7.5% by getting credit for the gift cards that recipients don't use.

Delivery Control

You can decide how the gift card is delivered by email, text message, or mobile app. Gift cards can also be sent in bulk to any number of recipients.

Monitoring, Data Collection, and Management

Perspectives on the usage, delivery, and recipient behavior.

Personalize your Branding

Your Company decides on the gift card's branding and messaging.

WhatsApp Integration

With the WhatsApp Business API, our loyalty program sends discount vouchers, promotional offers, coupons, product launch notifications, alerts, and more to an unlimited number of users.

If your company fits one or more of the following criteria, a loyalty program (and loyalty program software) will work best for you:
  • You market things that are reasonably priced.
  • Customers deal with you frequently (at least once per month on average).
  • Another benefit is that it's simple to get them to become regular customers.
And a few sectors where loyalty programs work very effectively are:
  • Restaurants, cafes, and similar establishments provide food services.
  • Apparel for the Beauty Industry
  • Almost all ecommerce
  • Services that are repeated (salons, dentists, pest control, gyms, etc.)