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POS GST Retail Software

POS GST Retail Software

POS-GST is a software solution for the retailers who have stand-alone retail store or a chain of stores keeping in view the updated GST .The software is driven by professionals in technology to develop simple and hassle-free software easily understandable by the retailers and their staffs. Billing is the point where the retail transaction is accomplished. In-order to multiply the sales the billing process needs to be faster and flawless. We aim to be the best software for retail following GST. Our software allows you to work without compromising on security and reliability.

POS-GST for retail software is both computer and mobile friendly. The software allows you to effortlessly generate invoices, monitor sales, loyalty programs, view reports at store levels and a lot more in addition to billing. It helps you to track supermarket inventory, manages accounts ledgers and also supports the barcode scanner. POS-GST for retail is a user-friendly interface which eases a non-IT user to operate it. The software deciphers the new staff training. We come up with the SMS and email integration. So whenever a new bill gets generated an email and a message is sent to the registered customer.

  • GST based retail software
  • Inbuilt SMS and email feature
  • Permissible access restriction
  • Works both online and offline
  • Thermal printer used for billing

Why should you use retail software ?
  • Saves time and money
  • Helps manage store, warehouses and e-commerce site by integrating the software
  • Allows to view the history of transactions in a single report
  • Automation of data (notifies you about the out-of- stock items and also the non selling items)
  • Easy decision making and planning from the information of data inventory
  • Better customer relationships
Features of our Retail Management Software

Since retail management is all about customer engagement with fast results, following are the essential features of retail management software:

  • Point of sale: This is the point where the actual sales take place at the time of bill payment by the customer. Computerized payment technique is used for bill payment to deal with the long queue of the customers at the counters and save time.
  • Cloud computing :The data is saved by the servers securely instead of being locally stored in the computer. The data is flexible to use at anytime and can be accessed from any gadget.
  • Real time purchases: Purchases can be done on the spot and fed into hardware rather than making payment at the counter. Customers like this concept to get it billed on the spot they have selected instead of gathering all their selections and going to the check- out counter.
  • Trust: These days different payment gateways are used in retail stores and e- commerce sites. Our software is integrated with secured payment and transaction making you to trust our policies.
  • Understanding customers: Retail software supports you in engaging with your customers based on their purchase history, their preferences and interests and making them happy with the greetings on their birthdays!
  • Billing software: Barcode scan or the name is used to detect the product at single or multiple locations. Easy retrieval of customer’s information or GSTIN, send SMS,email to customers. Also mention dispatch details, payment method, GST, discounts etc.
  • Inventory control: Easily manage the products with unique barcode, SKU,product name. Set a low stock or out of stock alert, expiry of product alert. Categorizes the product according to size, brand, location etc in the inventory
  • Bookkeeping: Get detailed report of daily earning, expense, and credit/debit. Instant search for entire data range available with filtering transactions.
  • Reports: Reports can be accessed online or can be sent by emails. Wide range of reports available following customers, suppliers, payment, sales, stocks, audits, expenses, taxes, GST etc.
  • User restriction: Limits the access and action to data for the employees. You can restrict the discount your employees can offer. Also restrict the section of software you don’t want them to view by applying access restriction feature provided by us.
  • Backup and restore: Sit back and relax as our software does auto backup of software instantly. You can either upload the data on the cloud storage or store in an external media.