Inform, Establish Trust, Leverage Technology

Inform your diner about the measures your restaurant is taking to build diner confidence. Share live progress on Dineout stories, Social Media, SMS and Email Campaigns.

Adhere to Social Distancing, Optimize Reservations.

Encourage diners to make prior reservations. Restaurants must adopt reservation and waitlist management modules to ensure minimal contact between the staff and diners

Avoid Long Queues, Optimise valet Operations

Diners will avoid visiting a restaurant where crowd management is a challenge. Adopt Digital valet to Streamline operations and reduce wait time.

Adopt Pre-Ordering, Reduce Wait Time

Ensure reduced wait time and faster service for diners at the restaurant by encouraging diners at pre-order. Contactless Delivery, takeaway and drive-ins will play the key role.

Mandatory Temperature Checks, Safe Environment for Staff & Diners

Thermal Scanners will be the new metal detectors in the post COVID era. Mandatory temperature checkpoints for staff and diners need to be in place.

Trace Source of Inventory, Adopt Inventory solutions

Raw materials must be handled carefully and sterilized before use. Good Inventory Management software will help you track & maintain optimum levels of inventory

Grow your business with POSGST?

Touch Free

An unmatched customer experience through a hygienic, touch free digital menu and payment gateway integration.

Increase ROI

Grab diners attention using captivating banners to drive branding activities and increase diner action.

Fully Digital

Diner will avoid objects like physical menu. It will also enable your business to cross and upsell.

Increase Profits

Reduce operational costs and improve margins while saving cost on manpower.

Increase Conversion

Influence the conversion onhigh margin items through strategic positioning and menu engineering.

Social Media Integration

Increase customer engagement with linking to facebook, instagram and zomato pages.

Guest & Reserv

POSGST enabled the diner Self check-in & asks to be seated.


Diner gives digital feedback.

How to Contactless order

Diner Scan the QR Code and order Digitally.






What more we offer

Retail POS

Features of our Retail Billing Software

POS-GST is a software solution for the retailers who have stand-alone retail store or a chain of stores keeping in view the updated GST. The software allows you to effortlessly generate invoices, monitor sales, loyalty programs, view reports at store levels and a lot more in addition to billing It helps you to track supermarket inventory, manages accounts ledgers and also supports the barcode scanner.We come up with the SMS and email integration. So whenever a new bill gets generated an email and a message is sent.

Restaurant POS

Restaurant Billing, Inventory Management Software.

The POSGST is a ready to use restaurant software for QSR, fine dine, take away and quick service restaurants, Bakery, bar and clubs. POSGST is Best POS Billing Software & inventory management system and have the functionality of POS, Inventory Management system, financial management, CRM, Payroll management, Royalty Program, Accounts etc. This restaurant billing software is quick to implement, online and offline, easy to use and smooth in operation


Warehouse management software, Online & Offline Application

POSGST Warehouse management software enables you to track items across different locations and sub-locations. Manage costs, schedule services, and customize alerts and stock thresholds for greater control. RFID, QR Code and Barcode scanning functionality makes checkouts and audits a breeze - even from the warehouse! Full location histories and actionable reports make this a must have for all your warehouse management needs.


eCommerce packages provide quality web hosting with unlimited resources.

Easily manage the products with unique barcode, SKU,product name. Set a low stock or out of stock alert, expiry of product alert. Categorizes the product according to size, brand, location etc in the inventory, POSGST have the functionality of Menu Engineering, Recipe and Production Management, Food Costing, Variance Control, Restaurant Table Reservation, Store & Inventory Management and many more.


Mall Management System, Tenant Management System.

Property Management Software have the features of Space planning and management, Rented or leased area vs vacated area, Sales, Billing & CRM, Payables & Receivables management, Marketing & lead Records, Supply Chain Management, Capital & Asset Management, Accounting and BookKeeping, Human Resources & salary records and Works order Management

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