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What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL Certificate is the electronic counterpart to a passport or a driver's license. It is a digital certificate you install on the server that hosts your website. SSL Certificates have two primary functions:

1. To authenticate the identity of your website to visiting browsers and your identity or business to the visiting customer, and

2. To "encrypt" - or protect - private information that's exchanged on your site, such as credit card numbers or customer account information.

Why do I need an SSL Certificate?

In today's environment, online customers are more wary than ever of Internet fraud, identity theft and "phishing" schemes. Installing the proper security and validation for your site is essential to gaining your customers' trust, and for letting potential customers know your site is a secure place where they can exchange confidential information, purchase products and services and complete secure transactions.

How will customers know that my site is secure?

When you have an SSL Certificate installed on your server, your site will display three instantly recognizable symbols that let customers know your site is secure:

1. A padlock symbol that appears in their web browser when your site is opened.

2. The "https" prefix in front of your URL address in the browser.

3. A Register.com Site Seal that appears on your website.

What is web development?

Web development is a process of developing a website (site) from a simple static web website to large complex dynamic website. A static website contains simple plain text including images, banner, logo etc. while a dynamic website contains same attributes as of static website but clients can change the text, records, entries, etc by itself. Here are some basic differences between static & dynamic website.